California Couple Imprisoned 2 Girls While Playing World Of Warcraft All Day

A married couple in South California who spent their days in an unsanitary mobile home playing World of Warcraft have been charged with child abuse after their doughters were found malnourished and locked in the home, prosecutors said Friday.

Lester Louis and Petra Huffmire, both 41, have been charged with two felony counts of child abuse and two misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, according to a statement from the Orange County district attorney’s office. Both have pleaded not guilty.

If convicted, prosecutors said, the pair could each face up to seven years in prison.

Lester Huffmire is being held on $100,000 bail, and prosecutors asked that the same amount be set for Petra Huffmire when the two were arraigned Friday, according to the statement.

The pair lived in Anaheim with the two girls, ages 10 and 5, who were related to them. Prosecutors did not describe how they were related.

Prosecutors said that the girls couldn’t leave the home for any reason, including school.

On May 20, a neighbor called Anaheim police. An officer visited the home and found the malnourished girls with matted hair, rotted teeth and dirt crusted on their feet. Home was absolutely disgusting: it was covered in mold, cobwebs, trash and even feces. There wasn’t a working toilet.

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One thought on “California Couple Imprisoned 2 Girls While Playing World Of Warcraft All Day”

  1. Abusive and neglectful people are this way regardless of whether or not they play a particular game. I do not think that WoW contributed to this behavior. They are just terrible people.

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