Portland Parks & Recreation Community Gardens staff and volunteers work on PP&R's new Helensview Community Garden, October 2012. Photo courtesy: Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR

Portland Parks & Recreation Announces Grand Opening Of City’s 46th Community Garden‏

Portland Parks & Recreation (PP&R), in partnership with the Sumner Association of Neighbors, Helensview School, Multnomah Educational School District and Parkrose School District, invite the community to the grand opening of PP&R’s Helensview Community Garden.

The celebration will take place on Saturday, March 9 from 12pm-1pm. The Helensview Community Garden is the 46th garden in the network of community gardens managed by the City.

The Portland Community Gardens program has provided gardening opportunities for the physical and social benefit of the people and neighborhoods of Portland since 1975. With the addition of Helensview, there are now 46 community gardens located throughout the city. Portland Community Gardens are developed and operated by volunteers and PP&R staff, offering a variety of activities.

The Helensview Community Garden is the first partnership between Parkrose School District and Portland Community Gardens.

The garden is built on land owned by Parkrose, but leased by Multnomah Educational School District, which operates Helensview School. Helensview School provides an engaging and supportive environment to help students with needs that have not been met in other educational settings.

“All of us at Portland Parks & Recreation are delighted by the neighborhood’s role in identifying the need for a garden and community space,” says PP&R Director Mike Abbaté. “The Sumner Association of Neighbors was instrumental in making this project happen by virtue of the idea, proposing the site, and going through proper channels with the schools, school districts and City of Portland.”

Funding came from a grant from East Multnomah Soil and Water Conservation District, plus additional matching funds from Portland Parks & Recreation. The Friends of Portland Community Gardens provides tools for the garden through a donation from Ames True Temper.

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