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Turkish Cops Had Intel Prior To U.S. Embassy Bombing‏ – OpEd

Turkey’s national police agency was in possession of intelligence regarding a possible terrorist attack by the Marxist group Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), but failed to prevent the suicide bomb blast at U.S. Embassy in Ankara last Friday, according to an Israeli police source on Monday.

According to the source, the Turkish police department and intelligence service were on alert to the terrorist organization’s plan to launch an attack, but they were unable to prevent the terrorist attack.

A suicide bomber from DHKP/C, Ecevit Sanli, attacked the U.S. Embassy in Ankara last Friday, killing himself and a Turkish security officer named Mustafa Akarsu, according to an official report.

Meanwhile, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Bulent Arinc said that the government had no evidence that any foreign country was involved with the attack.

The DHKP/C (Revolutionary People’s Liberation Party/Front) is a Marxist, anti-Western splinter group of the Turkish terrorist group Devrimci Sol (Dev Sol). Dev Sol originated as a splinter group of Devrimci Yol (Dev Yol) which was itself a splinter group of the Turkish People’s Liberation Party-Front (THKP/C). The THKP/C was an offshoot of the broader Revolutionary Youth movement (Dev Genc) within Turkey, according to the Atlantic Council.

DHKP/C’s ideology is similar to that of other radical Marxist and neo-Marxist groups. The the terrorist group claims Turkey’s government is a fascist regime, controlled by the imperialist forces of the West, especially the United States and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), according to ACUS staff.

Now that Turkey is part of NATO, more terrorist attacks against Western embassies are expected, since the group seeks to destroy Western influences through violence and Marxist revolution.

The group has also sought to bring attention to its imprisoned members by staging hunger protests. More recently, the group has been intensely outspoken against US military operations in Afghanistan and in Iraq. DHKP/C believes that these operations are proof of the imperialist intentions of the United States.

Jim Kouri

Jim Kouri, CPP, formerly Fifth Vice-President, is currently a Board Member of the National Association of Chiefs of Police, an editor for, and he's a columnist for In addition, he's a blogger for the Cheyenne, Wyoming Fox News Radio affiliate KGAB ( Kouri also serves as political advisor for Emmy and Golden Globe winning actor Michael Moriarty.

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