Scott William Cox

Scott Cox To Be Released From Department Of Corrections

On February 22, Scott William Cox, (11/03/63), will be released from the Department of Corrections (DOC). He was convicted on September 15, 1993 of two counts of Murder and sentenced to two consecutive terms of 150 months with a post-prison supervision term of Life. At the time of arrest, Scott was residing in Newberg Oregon and was on probation with Yamhill County Community Corrections, hence his statutorily required return to Yamhill County for post-prison supervision following his DOC release.

Community Corrections Director Ted Smietana was notified 2 weeks ago by the State Parole Board of the pending release. Typically these notifications would be at least 90 days in advance, but was delayed because Scott Cox initially applied to be released to Douglas County where his release plan was denied.

On his scheduled release date, Yamhill County Community Corrections will transport Cox from DOC to the Yamhill County Jail, where he will be housed on subsidy housing. Community Corrections has the ability to house post-prison supervision clients at the County Jail when they do not have an established residence and/or employment.

Yamhill County Community Corrections will be tasked with supervision of Scott Cox. He will have strict conditions on his post-prison supervision, all of which are set by the Oregon State Parole Board.

Community Corrections Director Smietana reports “The direction to my staff in this case will be to contain, monitor and control Mr. Cox. If he chooses to violate the conditions set by the State, my department, in cooperation with the Sheriff’s Office, will step in and refer him back to the Department of Corrections for consideration of revocation.”

Yamhill County Sheriff Jack Crabtree stated, “Because of the situation and the possible risk to the Community, I have offered resources to Community Corrections Director Ted Smietana. I will have Detectives working closely with Post-Prison Officers to monitor this individual. “

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