Guns & Drugs Recovered Last Weekend from 17-Year-Old Male‏

Guns And Drugs Found On 17-Year-Old Male‏

A Portland teenager was found to have a large stash of guns and drugs, including a double barrel shotgun, a pistol grip shotgun, and a 9mm Mac-10.

Officers from the North Precinct New Columbia Detail responded last Sunday to a call of a family disturbance at a residence in the 9500 block of North Fiske Avenue.

Officers arrived and learned that the argument was between a son and his mother over the young man’s possession of a firearm. After a consensual search of the residence, officers arrested the 17-year-old male on charges of Unlawful Possession of Firearm (6 counts), Theft in the First Degree (4 counts), the Distribution and Possession of Marijuana and Methamphetamine, and the Possession of Cocaine.

A total of six firearms were recovered including a double barrel shotgun, a pistol grip shotgun, a 9mm Mac-10, and three .45 caliber semi-automatic handguns. Four of the guns had previously been reported stolen by their owners.

Additionally, substantial quantities of methamphetamine, marijuana, several holsters, ammunition, and cash were seized out of location.

Officers from the Gun Task Force responded to assist in the investigation and will continue to investigate how the 17-year-old obtained the guns.

Investigators were able to determine that the guns were stolen in this case because victims maintained and reported the serial numbers of their guns, which greatly helps in determining ownership of recovered stolen property.

The Portland Police Bureau Gang Enforcement Team and Gun Task Force are continuing to actively investigate gang and gun crimes in the City of Portland.

Anyone with information about gang and/or illegal gun crimes in the City of Portland is encouraged to provide information to the Portland Police Bureau.

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