Klamath Falls Man Arrested On Charges Related To Sex Abuse Investigation

Oregon State Police (OSP) Criminal Investigation Division detectives arrested a Klamath Falls man on charges related to a sexual abuse investigation.

According to Sergeant Robert Fenner, on Thursday May 09, 2013 OSP detectives arrested Ronny Alan Rykbost, age 50, from Klamath Falls, and lodged him at the Klamath County Jail on the following charges:

  • 12 counts Sexual Abuse 1
  • 12 counts of Unlawful Sexual Penetration 1
  • 12 counts of Sodomy 1
  • 12 counts Encouraging Child Sexual Abuse 1

Rykbost is alleged to have committed the crimes of Sexual Abuse 1, Unlawful Sexual Penetration 1 and Sodomy 1 between 2000 and 2007. The victim was related to Rykbost at the time of the alleged crimes and was under twelve years of age when the alleged crimes began.

After Rykbost was taken into custody, a search warrant was served at his residence. Detectives found at least 12 separate visual recordings of children involved in sexually explicit conduct. Additional digital media was seized and more charges are expected after the images and recordings are analyzed.

Sexual Abuse 1, Unlawful Sexual Penetration 1 and Sodomy 1 are all Measure 11 crimes. Under Oregon’s “Jessica’s Law”, adults convicted of Sodomy 1 or Unlawful Sexual Penetration 1 are subject to a mandatory minimum 25 year prison sentence.

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