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Deputy Secretary Nides Traveling To Iraq And United Arab Emirates

Deputy Secretary of State for Management and Resources Thomas Nides departed Monday for Baghdad, Iraq, according to the State Department, where he will meet with senior Iraqi officials to discuss areas of mutual interest in the U.S.-Iraq relationship.

The State Department said that Deputy Secretary Nides will also meet with Ambassador Beecroft and senior embassy leadership for a progress report on efforts to streamline the U.S. presence in Iraq and to discuss ways to accelerate these efforts going forward.

Additionally, upon leaving from Iraq, Deputy Secretary Nides will lead a delegation of U.S. Government officials to the annual Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES), to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on December 11-12.

Deputy Nides will be joined by U.S. Department of Commerce Under Secretary for International Trade Francisco J. Sánchez; Assistant Secretary of State for Economics and Business Affairs Jose W. Fernandez; Executive Vice President of OPIC (Overseas Private Investment Corporation) Mimi Alemayehou; and also from the Department of State, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary for Science, Space and Health in the Bureau of Oceans and International Environmental and Scientific Affairs, Jonathan Margolis; Special Representative for Global Partnerships Kris Balderston; Special Advisor on Global Youth Issues Zeenat Rahman; and Special Representative for Commercial and Business Affairs Lorraine Hariton.

The State Department noted that in 2009, President Obama elevated entrepreneurship as a critical pillar of U.S. global engagement to deepen ties between the United States and the international community.

“Since then, the U.S. Government has committed to supporting entrepreneurship to help channel the creativity, innovation, and potential of millions of individuals around the world to create economic opportunity,” said the State Department.

The GES is the leading U.S. Government-supported forum for promoting economic growth through entrepreneurship.

According to the State Department, the Summit provides an opportunity to link U.S. economic leadership with an encouraging trend towards entrepreneurship in Muslim-majority countries.

“The U.S. Government remains committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship through our many agencies, organizations and programs dedicated to promoting sustainable growth, expanding trade, and improving the investment climate,” the State Department said.

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