Oregon's Governor, John Kitzhaber, signs the State of Oregon Japan Tsunami Marine Debris

Oregon’s Governor Signs Japan Tsunami Marine Debris Plan‏

Governor Kitzhaber signed Tuesday the state plan on Japanese Tsunami Marine Debris (JTMD) at the Anderson Readiness Center in Salem. The task force was created in June, 2012, to deal with debris from the Japanese tsunami of 2011, washing ashore.

Governor Kitzhaber appointed Brig. Gen. Mike Caldwell, Deputy Director, Oregon Military Department, as Chair of the JTMD Task Force in June. The JTMD Task Force organized a multi-agency team to respond to Japanese tsunami marine debris on the Oregon coast.

The JTMD plan addresses the State of Oregon’s method to coordinate a comprehensive response to the Japanese tsunami debris impacting the Oregon coast. The plan includes a multi-jurisdictional approach between local, state, and federal agencies along with non-governmental organizations.

In June, a 188 ton dock washed ashore on Agate Beach in Newport, Ore. The dock came from the Japanese Tsunami of 2011.

The Japanese tsunami created a large amount of marine debris that will likely continue to come ashore for the next several years.

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