Raleigh Reynolds

Estacada Man Uses Baby As Shield To Avoid Arrest‏

The city of Estacada’s Deputy and Deputies from the Clackamas County Sheriffs Office attempted to arrest a suspect in a recent burglary Saturday afternoon near the 400 block of Clackamas Way in Estacada. While they were at the address they saw the wanted subject, identified as Raleigh Reynolds, jump a fence and run into the next door house. Deputy’s pursued and the male barricaded himself inside the house. A female in the residence came out and identified herself as the sister of Reynolds.

Reynolds tried to flee from the house several times but after finding he was surrounded he retreated back into the house.

Reynolds then came out of the house holding a seven month old child in front him and positioned the child as a shield between him and the Deputies.

Reynolds refused commands from Deputies and it was believed he may be armed. He kept positioning the child to shield his body and hands from the Deputies. They were eventually able to negotiate with him to release the child. After releasing the child he continued to be given commands to surrender but refused. He was taken into custody and found to be unarmed.

The child, Reynolds son, was not injured during the incident. He was released to Reynolds family at the scene.

Reynolds was booked into the Clackamas County Jail on the burglary charge and additionally; obstructing governmental administration, endangering welfare of a minor and resisting arrest.

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