NW Natural Gas Corporate headquarters in Portland

NW Natural Announces Winners In “Bring the Heat” Music Video Contest‏

Northwest Natural Gas Company today announced the winner of its Bring the Heat music video contest which ran for four-months and showcased wannabe rockers, rappers, and R&Bers singing about their love of natural gas.

A panel of NW Natural judges selected Portlander Terah Varga’s, “It’s Natural!” featuring ladies’ man Nat G (aka Justin Varga) and ladies Sacia Dillion and Terah Varga as Best Video. As the grand prize winner, Varga receives a new high-efficiency natural gas furnace and installation worth up to $10,000. Visit nwnaturaloffers.com to view winning video.

“We had a fun time creating the song and video about the dreamy ‘Nat G’ (natural gas). NW Natural, thanks for ‘Bringing the Heat’ and keeping our toes warm with a new high-efficiency gas furnace! It’s gonna be so warm in here!” said Terah Varga, grand prize winner, as she referred to her song lyrics.

Darren Weidman, father of two-year-old Zach and four-year-old Mikayla from Sherwood, wins Best Performance and $500 for his hip dance moves alongside his children in, “I’m Natural.”

David Hall, from Portland, is rockin’ the Best Lyrics next to the “hearth of love” in his video, “Livin’ My Dream.” Hall wins $250 for his catchy lines about the benefits of natural gas.

With 750 votes online, Amanda Abbott from Corvallis takes home the People’s Choice Award and $1,000.

The Bring the Heat music video contest had more than 20 submissions. It was sponsored by NW Natural shareholders.

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