OMSI Opens Renewable Energy Exhibit‏

Aside from being ideal conditions for windsurfing … what do wind, waves, and sun all have in common? They are all sources of renewable energy and each will be showcased at OMSI in a new permanent, bilingual exhibit officially opening January 17, 2013. Renewable Energy/ Energía Renovable invites OMSI visitors to learn about emerging sources of energy as well as consider the tradeoffs involved in using any energy source. Interactive exhibit pieces demonstrate how alternative technologies can be integrated into the existing power grid and how visitors’ individual energy choices affect the environment.

“Using energy to efficiently power our lights, TVs, heaters, toys and more requires engineering, innovation and creativity,” said Chris Stockner, OMSI energy and the environment spokesperson. “It’s important to us to serve as a community resource to help people become good energy stewards and learn about the renewable energy technology that increasingly powers our lives.”

Renewable Energy/Energía Renovable is part of OMSI’s energy and the environment strategic initiative and completes the recent transformation of the museum’s Earth Hall, alongside the new sustainability-themed Clever Together exhibit. Hands-on exhibit features focus on the unique energy mix of the Pacific Northwest.

“This region leads the nation in sustainable decision-making, the development of renewable technologies, and research into next-generation green materials,” Stockner added. “Reflecting the Northwest’s ongoing leadership in this important sector means becoming a regional source for renewable energy education.”

In addition to the exhibit, OMSI is offering related educational programming in several forms: traveling “tabletop” exhibits that have already made appearances at local fairs and science festivals, and new resource conservation-themed classroom programs for thousands of elementary and middle school students throughout the Northwest.

“The PGE team is proud to support the bilingual Renewable Energy exhibit where visitors can learn more about energy, technology and environmental sciences,” said Carol Dillin, PGE vice president of customer strategies and business development. “It’s great to see visitors getting a hands-on perspective of what it takes to balance energy resources like wind and solar in the most cost-effective and sustainable way.”

The price of the exhibit is included in paid museum admission.

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