The World Says Yes To Snowden, No To Obama – OpEd

No one likes a bully and no one likes a liar. The United States government is surely both because other nations have no problem openly treating it with the disdain it deserves. The saga of Edward Snowden provides the latest proof of the disrespect that America has brought upon itself. Its tantrums and rants mean little to anyone outside of the USA bubble.

Snowden is the NSA whistle blower who presented proof to the world that the United States is a lawless nation which treats its own citizens as enemies. The response to his revelations proves that the American people have no friends in Washington, not in the White House or Congress or on either side of the political aisle.

After making his revelations public Snowden headed for Hong Kong apparently in the mistaken belief that there he would be protected from extradition. When the United States decided to charge him and suspended his passport he flew to Russia and officially asked Ecuador for asylum. After angry denunciations from the secretary of state, senators and butt kissing so-called journalists, Russian president Vladimir Putin made all their points moot when he announced that Snowden will not be turned over. He reminded the United States that Snowden has broken no Russian laws and that there is no extradition treaty between the two countries. Not content to merely say no, Putin got in a few digs of his own. Emphasizing that he didn’t wish to discuss the matter further he said, “It’s like shearing a piglet. There’s a lot of squealing and very little wool.”

The Chinese government was equally dismissive. After Secretary of State John Kerry issued public warnings of “negative consequences” to U.S./China relations, Chinese government spokeswoman Hua Chunying also got in her digs and reminded the United States that Snowden revealed evidence of American espionage directed at China. “I’d like to advise these people to hold up a mirror, reflect and take care of their own situation first.” Ouch.

It is striking that both China and Russia allowed Snowden to travel despite the government’s very public requests to prevent him from doing so. Both countries were quite happy to give America a very public comeuppance. It isn’t actually very surprising considering the belligerence with which our government has behaved.

In 2011 the United States connived and got both China and Russia to agree to a no fly zone in Libya, only to turn the measure into a license to overthrow Gaddafi and have him killed. Both countries were made to look like fools but like all bullies the United States hopes that they won’t mind getting fooled twice and will go along with a similar scenario in Syria or any other place on earth where America chooses to act like a gangster nation.

All talk of reboot and rests are just that, mere talk. The U.S. goes out of its way to impede China’s inevitable rise to worldwide economic supremacy with the “pivot” that is a way to intimidate China with military force. Demands to turn over an American whistle blower consequently fell on deaf ears.

Unfortunately the lessons to be learned about the Snowden case are lost on a misinformed public. Americans haven’t even been given the most basic information about what Snowden has revealed or that the few members of congress who question the data sweep can’t reveal the nature of their concerns because the material they want to present is classified. When we should get genuine reporting we get derision and snark from “journalists” acting like mean kids in the high school clique.

Snowden may be thought of as heroic but isn’t necessary to idealize him in order to defend his actions. He is a whistle blower and prior to the Patriot Act and the Obama administration escalation of persecution, whistle blowers were protected. In 1971 Daniel Ellsberg released the classified pentagon papers to the New York Times but the Nixon administration had little legal recourse against him.

Armed with the Patriot Act and a determination to hit dissenters with the heaviest sledge hammer possible, the Obama administration threatens Bradley Manning with life in prison. One thing is absolutely certain. If Snowden hadn’t flown to Russia he would be facing the same terrible fate.

In its zeal to get another whistle blower the government didn’t even know how to use the traditional diplomatic niceties which are used to get business done. The harangues and threats had the opposite effect of making Snowden sympathetic and irritating nations already angry with American arrogance.

It isn’t clear if Snowden will ever get to another country or if he will spend his life at Moscow’s airport. Whatever the outcome of this particular case, it is clear that when America’s military might isn’t a factor it is treated with all the respect any pariah deserves.

Margaret Kimberley

Margaret Kimberley's Freedom Rider column appears weekly in BAR (, and is widely reprinted elsewhere. She maintains a frequently updated blog as well as at Ms. Kimberley lives in New York City, and can be reached via e-Mail at Margaret.Kimberley(at)

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  1. Edward Snowden is not some squeaky clean all-American hero. Yes, he exposed a despicable domestic spying program, and if that was all there was to it, he would be a hero. What the cheering section is ignoring is the fact that he also stole a large number of top secret documents, whose release may cause real harm to the United States and its citizens. Was he right to expose the domestic spying program? Yes. Is the Obama administration right to prosecute him? Yes.

    1. “What the cheering section is ignoring is the fact that he also stole a large number of top secret documents, whose release may cause real harm to the United States and its citizens.”
      – Real harm to the US is the loss of our constitutional rights – eg. 1st and 4th amendments specifically. The Patriot Act and the AUMF need revocation. I voted for Obama twice, hoping to end the abuses of power that started after 9/11. Instead we saw the opposite happen. So begs the question: Does the government feel democracy must be put on hold until the endless “War on Terror” is over? Must we suspend our constitution to save it? I’d rather face the threat of a foreign enemy than this.

    2. Who told you he stole information? Oh, that’s right. The same people who spy on you and lie about it. Think.

      1. Don’t believe everything that you read. Realize that every “news” agency or reporting body has an agenda and a motive for telling you what they want you to believe. Of course he is a bad guy that stole sensitive documents, says who? Thats right, the same people that he is telling on. What a coincidence. I just thought all news was the truth, fancy that. It’s not. Even this article by Margerat Kimberely is a lop-sided slander about the USA basically being bitches and bullies. Who does she work for? Maybe it is true. So what? The truth is what you extract from it. There are many truths. There are many ways to describe the same event. Don’t believe what they tell you is news. It’s propaganda for a cause, realize this first, then listen.

    3. O wait, someone on the internet has common sense!!! Nice post! What people including the person that wrote this article fail to realise that is that governments like China and Russia would LOOOVE to have the documents that this punk stole. This situation is much more complicated than it seems.

    4. The Obama administration has no right to prosecute him. If anything, the Obama administration should be facing charges itself.

    5. I think it is time Americans realize we are no longer getting news, but are in general being spoon-fed ONLY what our government wants US to hear. And I am personally FED UP with the crappy our government does just to prove they were right, who has been hurt by sequestered? No one until Obama took measures to hurt them while sending millions (or is it billions?) of dollars to fund more wars, could we please learn from the first Bush’s mistake and stop that crap. What Snowden told of should have come out long ago, and I have no doubt top secret documents exist that would easily lead many government officers (including our president) to need to step down or be impeached. All Clinton did was cheat on his wife and we wanted him impeached, what happened to that American public? Role over and play dead did they?

  2. Oh look, another fanatic looking to milk some sweet internet points for kicking the USA with their unweighted remarks.

    1. You couldn’t be more wrong. This man is nothing more than a criminal, no worse a traitor. He has tarnished our nation’s reputation among the globe and even worse has compromised some of our political muscle that has allowed this country to remain relatively safe and economically dominant thanks to the edge our top secret info has given us and not given our enemies, until now. You do realize that this makes our country and govt. look weak and thus more enticing for terrorist attacks. Get over the espionage stuff, its no surprise that our government i spying on other nations because its been that way for decades. This nation wouldn’t have the power and safety we enjoy today without out those sketchy things that happen behind closed doors. And if that doesn’t piss you off than think about how the rest of the world now thinks about us. After this, people around the world aren’t going to make the distinction between just the govt., they are going to think lowly of of us as Americans as well-as people. And that makes me livid more than anything and it should make the rest of you too! Snowden not only made us look like fools but he put us in bad situation that could also put us at risk both financially and politically.

      1. It’s not the foreign espionage that is the problem it’s the internal spying. The violation of our right to privacy and right to free speech that is so worrisome. If the NSA’s spying had been working to keep us safe over the last 12 years, why didn’t they pick up on the Boston Bombers before hand? Obviously the government see it’s citizens as the enemy and criminals waiting to be caught.

      2. “You do realize that this makes our country and govt. look weak and thus more enticing for terrorist attacks.”

        No, it is entirely possible there would be fewer attacks if it appears that we are self-destructing and/or experiencing inner-turmoil which would lead away from more foolish foreign policy.

      3. Trust me mate, the rest of the world is already laughing at America, its greedy government and ignorant citizens. Your country has walked around the world convinced it owns it, and we respect Snowden for outing your greedy government. Its Americans like you; still protecting your decisions at this stage, believing you are doing the right thing when the rest of the world has been doing it different and right far longer than you have even been a country, that bring mockery and shame your way. The vast majority of us just chuckle and roll our eyes and your petty problems and sheer teenage stupidity, because that’s all America is, a moody little teenager on the world stage. Time to grow up and realise your government is treating you and everyone else badly, Snowden has got the ball rolling, and all you gotta do is fight for it to try and fix this abomination you call governance.

        1. I feel obligated to point out some of your statements. Phrases like, “ignorant citizens” and “moody little teenager”. Your comment is nothing more than cleverly worded insults that do not progress this intellectual discussion whatsoever. In my opinion, it is bigotry like yours, AND Karl’s, that reduce discussions like these to mere shouting matches of whose country has the largest manhood.

      4. Karl, in which dominion do you feel as if Karl has weakened our countries dominion financially or politically? The United States Government has been allocating tax payer money directly into a domestic spying program on the very people of this nation. It’s absolutely disgusting, Edward Snowden is a hero to the American people. If the allegations were false, the NSA and CIA wouldn’t be up his back trying to extradite him, instead they choose to continually brainwash peoples own morality with media driven “political opinions”. Our country is treating our very own like enemies, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.

      5. “He has tarnished our nation’s reputation among the globe and even worse has compromised some of our political muscle that has allowed this country to remain relatively safe and economically dominant thanks to the edge our top secret info has given us and not given our enemies, until now. You do realize that this makes our country and govt. look weak and thus more enticing for terrorist attacks.”

        Actually, our government did that. Had there been no shady practices to begin with, there wouldn’t have been anything to blow the whistle on.

      6. In case you missed it, project Carnivore – the FBI’s 1st attempt to digest every single email on the internet – is some 15 years old. I heard about it over a decade ago. Likewise, people have stated in 2007, 6 years ago, the FBI and NSA were recording and storing ALL phone calls from everyone without any warrants. Snowdens “revelations” are nothing new, least off all the foreigners who we aghast that Bush was elected a second time. No, our reputation was eviscerated after when we decimated a sovereign nation with made-up intelligence. That’s the Iraq invasion in case you missed it. Bush-jie fabricated evidence, ignored truth, and invaded a country…. killing thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqies. You, living in this USA bubble, drinking the political cool-aid completely missed it and now need a scape goat. Snowden is just a pawn. A pawn who confirmed that which those who’s eyes were open already knew. So you spout words like ‘traitor’ to try and feel better. We’ve sold out this country to Corporations who in turn elect those who put money back onto corporate profits. You are incapable of seeing the big picture. I piety you.

        1. Nodance for you : Thank you for wording it so well. I couldnt possibly agree with you more. No News that we get today is free from bias what really worries me is that the American people are going to get taken in with what the media and corp provide them with. I never generalize…..but Americans being ignorant?…definitely something i worry about but more importantly i worry that on a global scale instead of hating the government and the banking cartels that own america the world population will start hating Americans …..the people are being misled in any country you cant trust the news, every government is corrupt, educate your self….in this age of information we still risk being a society that died of ignorance……thats what worries me….

      7. The rest of the world already thinks Americans are stupid, ignorant rednecks. I wouldn’t worry about this further affecting their views.

      8. Please tell me you really aren’t this ignorant. The reason why your nation’s reputation worldwide has been tarnished is because of its war mongering foreign policy, and not because a whistleblower decided to leak the existence of a massive unconstitutional surveillance program.

      9. Hey, wake up dude!

        I live in the UK, so I am speaking for the rest of the world when I say that it is all the despicable things the US has done over the last 50 years that has “tarnished our nation’s reputation among the globe”, and it continues to get worse. Thankfully now, we have the Internet, and information and criticism can now flow without the sensorship that has been so subtly weilded via the mainstream, so many people are starting to wake up to the fact the US are biggest terrorists out there. And it is clear that the CIA, FBI, NSA etc, are the real terrorist groups you should be worrying about. But be aware, the main agenda now will be to seize control of the Internet, citing “terrorist threats” as the main reason (see how useful this lie is?), and then we are all back in the dark ages, with only the “government approved” version of reality being told.

        The US constitution is a wonderful thing – you should be proud, and is clearly evidence that you once had much smarter leaders than you have now, as they could forsee all the possible corruption and misuse of power, and created clauses to protect the people from such a tyrannical government. You were tricked into going to war with Iraq based on a blatent lie, so creating fake terrorist threats, or even over-exaggerating the tiny existing threat is a no-brainer – there are too many over-bloated and corrupt agencies benefitting from this charade that it is inevitable that this would happen, and I wouldn’t be suprised if it was going on behind the president’s back – so it is possible that he is unaware that this is going on – you can be sure that the only information he has access to is carefully screened.

        Many people are still asleep, and the hardest to wake up are likely to be those who have a military background, and who have never read a history book that wasn’t government approved propaganda.

      10. After your response to your reply, I Hope that your government does get taken over by an entity that have more integrity than that what your government has exemplified.

        there are 2 options i be happy with.

        your people take it over and fight over who controls the nation, or a different country takes it over. Cause your country is a sad black stain on this planet

      11. Karl, you are so wrong. We have not been the power that you think we are in years. You are not informed. China’s military as far exceed our for years. We have been hated all over the world for years because of our foreign policy and interfering with other countries. We are consider war mongers. We fund both sides of wars. 9/11 was used to strip us of our rights through the Patriot Act. It was an excuse to invade a country which wanted no part of war and conceded in negotiation to what ever it took to avoid war. We were going in no matter what they did or didn’t do. The enemy of the American public is within. Our so called “global power” is nothing more than control through money which we don’t have so we just keep having it printed, it’s backed by nothing but the sweat on the backs of all Americans. Our last two presidents have enslaved future generations in debt with no end in sight. Funding and giving away money we don’t have on the backs of all Americans and future generations. The spying program costs trillions of dollars yet they want to balance the budge by cutting social security benefits which have already been paid for. These data mining programs are manned by contractors. Who have access to all of your personal information. The potential for abuse should shock you. The power and safety you refer to is an illusion.

  3. Very nice article. Thank you for writing it! I have bookmarked you.

    The World Says Yes To Snowden, No To Obama – OpEd

  4. To those claiming that Snowden stole top secret documents, think hard about your answer to this question: Should a federal agency be allowed to hide willful commissions of crimes by classifying them as top secret?

    In this case, the crime was the violation of the civil rights of hundreds of millions of Americans, but it could just as easily apply to murder or taking bribes or giving information about corporate competitors to government contract bidders.

  5. I’m sorry but i knew the government was doing that before Snowden so diligently pointed it out. I follow politics and there was no secret revealed. Snowden had other motives. I’m suspicious what hes hiding, Or knows. Leaving the country, forever, he knows something is up and hes scared. He ran with his tail between his legs.

    1. I am completely with you on that.. whatever it is its gna happen as soon as the data is completely up to date the gears will start turning.. in a way that is bad for every one of us who arent in the super elite club. World wide revolution is spreading and true colors of governments are shown. I just dont think revolution is something anyone of us is programed to do. Why do all these fema camps exist right outside every majore city? What are those coffin like containers piled up? Why do they have incinerators in them? Theyve been studying us like the discovery channel thanks to social media, email, our cellphones, computers, etc the list goes on.. whr have become a nation of pencil pushing bitches who cant even build our oun tables n chairs, or houses..for the most part. All of our industry is gone..out of the country for cheap labor.. we are a war machine. Military industrial complex. Weve got it down. . Usa owns 16 of the 20 largest arms companies? And we sell all this tech in jordan at the gun/helicopter/tank\missile/etc show aka SoFEX to the very same ppl we are fighting or will fight.. Perhaps this comment puts me on a kill list. Lets see.. after all the definition of a terrorist is simply someone who is undesirable to the government.. in this case its a private company- the usa

    2. I usually try to not let dumb shit bother me, but your comment was far too stupid. What Snowden did was reveal with irrefutable proof what you claimed to have already known. You can say that you follow politics as much as you want, but until Snowden did what he did your claims would have been passed off as the typical idiotic rants of a tin-foil hat wearing nutjob, so you should be thanking him if anything…
      If you think that Snowden could have done what he did and stayed anywhere near this country then you haven’t been paying attention to the news. He pissed off the most powerful people in this country, and those people (who didn’t hesitate to charge him with espionage) would at the very least throw him in jail for the rest of his life for what he did. Like this article said, if it wasn’t for the PATRIOT act Snowden wouldn’t have had to run in the first place.

    3. Yeah, he’s scared that he’ll be prosecuted and thrown in jail and being labeled a traitor by the nation he sought to protect. Seems to me he was 100% right.

    4. that’s great that you knew it–but knowing it and proving it are two different things–i can say i know UFO exists doesn’t mean sh** unless i have proof of it and that’s what Snowden brought. Unfortunately, everyone in the US seems to be more concern about what Snowden did in high school than what the government did and is doing.

  6. I wont ignore the fact that there are big problems with the way the US government operates its intelligence agencies. But come on, is this really that surprising?! The government has been doing shady things behind closed doors for decades-and for good reason too. The USA is a world power that it is today because our fed. govt. has maintained its global edge through this espionage. Thats why we have a unmatched military. Thats why we STILL have the greatest leverage around the world. And i dont know about the rest of the American people, but i feel better knowing that if shit was to hit the fan, we are the strongest nation. So people that praise snowden for his ‘heroism’ clearly don’t see the full effects and harm his actions will have for this country. Thats negative effects for your country because our top secrets about our military and foreign relations are released to the highest bidder and now that international edge this country has worked so hard to keep for both our prosperity and security could be compromised. Furthermore, this isn’t going to make the rest of the world think lowly of specifically just our govt., it will be of us Americans in general that get the humiliation. Ive traveled to other countries( not canada ) and people already thought lowly of us Americans before this criminal made our reputation worse. I don’t know about other people, but that pisses me off to think that because of snowdens actions, the rest of the world now thinks lowly of me! And it should make the rest of you upset with SNOWDEN.
    So, I don’t know what grudge this author has against the govt. that keeps him/her safe and allows him/her to say what ever she wants(thats a right that still isn’t enjoyed in some countries by the way), but for whatever reason he/she fails to see the real concern that arises from these leaks. That is that our nation’s reputation has been hurt by snowden and action must be taken to deter future whistle-blowers from repeating otherwise us Americans risk losing much more than we can afford!

    1. Karl, you sound just like my Dad who is a “blind patriot hard line military man” who is totally brainwashed about the reality of the good ole USA. He is a good man and I am sure you are too. You TWO just have been brainwashed and are incapable of seeing through your cage.

    2. Hey Karl how do we know that u aren’t Karl Rove jut masquerading on the internet to spread lies on here lol this is jokingly of course but it makes me wonder cause you seem to think you know it all and have countrys best intrest but u dont.

  7. What must be understood about the comments under this article is that they pang of the exact American arrogance that the article speaks of. Each commenter should be ashamed. If you aren’t ready to pick up a pitchfork and decry the overreach of this government then you are the biggest problem in this Rubik’s cube of an issue.

  8. At this point, nobody knows what info Snowden has possession of. Based on his previous actions, (the criteria of information he has released up unto this point) I gather he doesn’t have malicious intent against the safety of the American people, but rather wishes to ensure that the average citizen receives the liberty he or she deserves, and on an international scale. No, he should not be persecuted for blowing the lid off of one of the most unjust expenditures of tax payer dollars since the “war on terror.” No, he should not be persecuted for revealing damaging information about people of influence who have abused their power to spend federal wealth. He’s not trying to bring down the American government, just shine light on those who are further corrupting it. Consider the fact that the data base for the PRISM program requires as much energy pull as a town populated by 60,000 people, and ask yourself if you think it’s right that you should have to pay for that energy being used to store your stolen and private information. This is a fine example of government programs leaching off money that could be used to fuel a strong economy and a strong middle class. Honestly, I just wish we could take the focus off of Ed, and put it back on investigating the government for throwing away our hard earned money to appease special interest groups… again.

  9. Classifications are meaningless. The public deserves to know what their elected government is up to. If something truly needs to be kept secret, it shouldn’t infringe in the rights of the citizens.

  10. “… derision and snark from ‘journalists’ acting like mean kids in the high school clique.”

    Then there’s the “high-minded” approach, which you can see in David Brooks’ article titled “The solitary leaker” at the New York Times on 11 June 2013, in which he attempts to act like the “adult supervision” for the class.

    He fails at this, and instead behaves like an errant Grade 10 civic studies instructor hectoring his class on how things “ought to be”, invoking long-faded social arrangements while insisting on special pleading status for the Bully In Chief and his misbehaving institutions.

    The world is familiar with this arrangement, and calls the version you’ve described the “World Narrative”. People in the US shouldn’t be unfamiliar with it — it’s the version of this view that you can find on your own continent, south of the Rio Grande.

    I am somehow reminded of the character “V” in “V for Vendetta” where he assures “the people themselves” that part of the fault is in fact with them …

  11. The last guy to be demonized by both the President and the corporate media is Bradley Manning, who exposed the military’s murder of Iraqi reporters by an AH-64 Apache and then they never released the video nor admitted fault.

  12. “What the cheering section is ignoring is the fact that he also stole a large number of top secret documents, whose release may cause real harm to the United States and its citizens.”

    Well, when you are dealing with lawless governments, you had BEST have some back up secrets for SOME kind of leverage. Unless you like men dressed in black blowing your door down to give you your dirt nap.

  13. Wow, this is an incredibly well written article and I thank you for writing it. The futility I feel, when trying to convince family members and friends that they are being lied to, is not easy to deal with. It hurts. The corporate media and public education system have effectively brainwashed people to the extent that they no longer have the ability, or desire, to use their critical thinking skills. People don’t want to know the truth because it is too frightening and uncomfortable, so they live in denial about what is really happening. I love the people of US, but our government is corrupt and seems hell bent on punishing anyone that would expose them.

  14. “It is striking that both China and Russia allowed Snowden to travel despite the government’s very public requests to prevent him from doing so.”

    Actually, it isn’t clear that Russia has allowed Snowden to travel, despite what Putin has said. There’s a chance that Snowden is being held at the Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow against his will. I suspect we won’t know until he actually leaves.

  15. Ah! Now it’s all coming out in the wash! The rest of the world already knows how corrupt your government is. So now you all know- what are you going to do about it? America has killed hundreds of thousands of people- and walked away without a care – leaving behind destruction in their wake. Even protests over the Iraq war- which everyone knew to be a sham, came to nothing. But the bully can be thwarted- and Snowdon, Manning and Assange have shown the way.

    Time to wake up people – maybe you could all look at a globe of this Earth and realise you are not the only people on it. Great article Ms Kimberley – hopefully more journalists will awake from their drugged state and start doing some real reporting

  16. So let me get this right, Snowden has tarnished the reputation of the US globally by releasing information on the US worldwide spy program? This could only be the case if the US was doing some really screwed up terrible things that they didn’t want anyone to know about. How are so many people alright with trading freedom for the illusion of safety? Even if you trust this US government what is stopping the next one from using these tools to oppress?

    So many say they knew the government was doing this. How does this make the situation any better? Something like: We assumed our government was spying on everything we were doing so when we actually got proof it was fine? i just don’t understand this thinking.

  17. Obama has spent most of his time in office bending over backwards to appease every foreign country on the planet and now he’s trying to play hardball and it’s laughable. when you spend you’re entire term in office being walked on and trying to be everyone friend don’t be surprised when they laugh at you when you try to get tough. I’m glad everyone is seeing this fraud for what he is.. and it’s funny how his supporters are mum on the whole affair. Everyone lib and young person who bought into his Change bullshit handed this country over to him and his cronies on a platter. I guess as long as they weren’t republican.. right guys? because those guys wants to steal our.. oh Also the rest of you eurotrash.. I know it’s cool to bash the US but don’t think for a second your governments aren’t doing the same thing. We just got lucky we have someone like Snowden to stand up to them.

  18. 20 times more people are killed by their own governments in political conflicts world wide than by foreign governments, this happens in direct proportion to the amount of absolute power a government wields. Americans are 20 more times more likely to be killed by a member of the American governments forces than by foreign forces, so the NSA is very very slightly reducing the danger of a citizen being killed by a foreign power and dramatically increasing by many factors the likelihood of a citizen being killed by their own government, a net increase in danger by many fold.This means the NSA can get dirt on anyone, can make up what ever lie they want and insert it into files, can make anyone they want powerful by giving them the right information or destroy them by giving information to their enemies. They can listen in and take over the stock market, they can run the biggest scams in history, they can MONETIZE their position, they can concentrate power till we are ruled by a czar that they control. Absolute power is given by the weak to the incompetent, this is happening because the citizens have become weak and the leadership incompetent. Snowden did his duty to the constitution but violated terms of his employment, so he should be fired for the second and given a medal for the first.

  19. My eyeballs are hurting just trying to figure out how and why Americans allow self appointed puppet masters in the shadows, to manipulate the media and elected officials into publicly demanding or condoning such things as an assassination hit put on Julian Assange, calling for censorship of the internet beginning with WikiLeaks, allowing the torture of Bradley Manning, orchestrating a global manhunt for Edward Snowden, the use of drones for any reason, covering up such atrocities as Collateral Murder, calling Gitmo a detention center rather than a torture camp, all in their elitist opinion, on “behalf” of the citizens and for the “security” of the country. What are completely disregarded are the protestations of informed citizens that this is unacceptable illegal, and unconstitutional.
    Are the majority of Americans so brainwashed and intellectually indolent that cyber video games, endless T.V. shows, Xbox, etc. are the all encompassing center of their mental awareness? Or, do they partake of a well rounded diet of relaxing leisure pastimes, yet still take time to stay well informed, through various alternative news sources, holding accountable the machinations of those whom are purporting to speak for them?
    I fear the first case scenario to be true of the vast majority of Americans. Based on a random survey, of an average person aged 18 to 58, which I conducted, only 6 out of 30 people knew of Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning; had never heard of Wikileaks, and had no clue as to what the NSA is. To add ignorance to intellectual lethargy, not one of the 30 showed the least bit of interest of looking into whistleblowing (another unheard of term), or of the imminent repercussions of criminal deeds being committed by this government.
    Sadly, I am coming to the conclusion that in today’s society only immediate physical and visual tragedy affecting others grabs the public’s morbid attention, for a short span of time. What is lacking is every citizen’s determined foresight to prevent that which will ultimately affect them ……, until it is they, or those they love, that are the wreck on the side of the road that everyone else is gawking at.

  20. The article talks about how we look to the world in our hunt for Edward Snowden. Unfortunately, this gives the world another reason to hate us, and Snowden is not to blame, our arrogance is. Many people worldwide knew nothing of our “patriot act”, but they do now. How does our quest for open, free, democratic governments look now? Can anyone say Hypocrisy? Wasn’t that what we were going to war for? To free the people of oppressed countries? Wasn’t that the cry during the cold war with Russia? Those poor people who couldn’t talk openly against the country without fear of retribution?
    Kerry and Obama have threatened other countries who have, or may in the future help Snowden. Is that anyway for our leaders to act? They have threatened to hurt Ecuador and Russia in ways that would go against the UN. Nice law abiding country we live in…..but please send us back the one that ratted on us and made us look bad. If we want to be the worlds police, which we shouldn’t, at least we need to act with some morals and respect for other countries sovereignty.

  21. Karl, You’re like the bully in corner of the school yard organizing your little gang to screw everybody over.

    My first thought was that you are a paid disinformation agent. The NSA also has many of these, people paid to sit at computer and go into forums with user names like “NFL Joe” who front for government corruption and tell everyone to “relax” and how reasonable it all is. Fantastic situation that working people’s tax money is used to pay for this, too.

    Anyone with a German name like “Karl” would not do what you are doing. Merckel even told Obama that he does not stand for a free country and what he is doing is wrong.

  22. Wow, shouldn’t be surprised by all the ignorance displayed by some commenters. Really, there is a huge difference between what is good for the US government and what is good for the US people right now. The US government is a bigger threat to our safety, financial security, and future prospects than any foreign power. The US government has been spying on us,detaining prisoners without trials, holding secret courts,they’ve been arresting reporters and protesters, both groups supposedly constitutionally protected from this kind of harrassment. The US government has gone into MANY different countries and started wars over…what? Some terrorist group? Some drug lord? Who DOES that? That’s psychopathic.

    Meanwhile, China provides us with cheaply produced goods. Russia provides us with little, but even in the four decades of the Cold War, we lost fewer than three dozen soldiers. Our government has killed more citizens through sheer neglect. We pay taxes and they cut our education, they cut our social services, and continue to pour money into the military machine. Ask yourself, where will they take the war next? It has to go somewhere to continue being profitable. The obvious answer, of course, is here. They’ve already begun the war on citizens. It just hasn’t spilled into the streets yet. But you can see them preparing for it, gradually rescinding our rights and dealing more in back rooms than public arenas.

    They are OUR public servants. We should be their bosses, not the other way around. We are the private citizens. It is THEIR job to protect OUR interests. This is the American dream, what made us unique. It’s gotten switched around on us. Edward Snowden knows that. Enemy of the State, friend of the people.


  24. Thrilled to read so many people who have woken up!
    Sad to see some, so fear filled they are unable to see outside that they have been fed.
    Stop worrying about those so sure of themselves and our government.
    Sit back and be there, to answer all their questions when things blow up.
    People will come to you then, knowing you were up on things before they happened.
    Take care of yourself and wait, all in good time and I hear the clock ticking.

    No fear people! Do not give them any more of that!
    Enough is finally Enough and I find comfort in that.
    Conspiracy theories are daily becoming conspiracy FACTS. Notice that?

    Time to show courage and faith in ourselves, not strangers in some cabinet somewhere taking and voting on things they do not even read.
    We make the changes ourselves, current track record stinks to high heaven of our government. High time for US to take the bull by the horns and take action.
    I happen to be so sorry, for so much, even things before my time. I am disheartened and have been deceived time after time after time by those with power.
    No more.

  25. For everyone complaining that Ed Snowden is a traitor and caused America great humiliation, America did this to itself. The cat is well and truly out of the bag now. Instead of bemoaning this important fact, its high time to pick yourselves up off the floor and change things for the better, so you can hold your heads high again. Ed Snowden may have done you all a much bigger favour than you yet realise. Time to grasp that opportunity while you still have it, before further secret laws are imposed upon you. The alternative would have been for him to cast a blind eye and not expose the evidence. Given the way electronic surveillance is going these days, and other technologies being used to track and hunt down individuals etc (eg drones) domestically or abroad, its better he does this now I say. America is increasing the levels of distrust in this world through its actions, in an economic power play of dominance reminiscent of its imperial and colonial past, which can do absolutely nothing to support real world stability and peace. People will eventually rise up en masse against this kind of masked tyranny. About time America cleaned up its act and ‘played nicely’ for once instead of pretending to hold all the morality cards. It clearly doesn’t. Your ability to be humiliated as a country IS your weakness. Therefore, stand up to your government and don’t allow it to put you in this position again in future with its shady undermining behaviour that still frequently tramples over the rights, freedoms and sovereignty of other people and countries while simultaneously claiming to respect those very same rights domestically. What’s good for the goose has always been good for the gander. Get with the program!

  26. It is humorous (and sad at the same time) to read comments such as those of Mr. Karl, comments coming from someone who tries to convince us that they know “how things operate.” The fact that Mr. Karl thinks that the U.S. is a sovereign nation operating with its own interests in mind shows that he has no real understanding. Therefore his opinions are pretty much worthless. Despite believing he is in the know, he has really not progressed beyond a high school civics understanding, and that, as we know, is simply propaganda. We are not the “good guys” any longer. It’s amazing that so many can still be convinced that we are.

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